Welcome everybody! This is my small Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery’s website, where you’ll find some information about the members of my “family”. I do not have big ambitions, and I would not say that this can be considered neither a job nor a hobby, but just a passion for the feline world … Here you can’t find a litter every month, at last a litter or two a year (in 2014 for example we hadn’t any kitten born) because I just want that mothers are perfectly healthy and absolutely ready not only for giving birth, but also for breastfeeding and raising their children in the following months: that allows newborns to integrate perfectly and grow without anxiety and behavioral problems. My transition from cohabitation with common house cats to this amazing breed was almost logical to me, as the Norwegian cat is a natural cat: not contaminated with man-made crosses with other cats: that allows him to maintain his “savages” genes who are partly “soothen” by living with humans.

Don’t be mislead by his wild look and his origins that would represent this cat as a rather aggressive and wild animal: he is extremely affectionate and sweet, with an extraordinary psychological balance, very lively, strong and self-confident : his temperament is often determined, brave and foolhardy. He’s a very playful pet, he loves the presence of other cats or animals in the house, who happily accepts, so it is particularly suitable for children, with whom he establishes a good understanding. He’s also a very intelligent cat that can easily learn many things: often referred to as cat-dog for this characteristic. He’s a strong personality and demonstrates a strong independence, but also he loves rubbing his humans, leaving his scent and we can find him upon furnitures, desks and computers but he also climbes on top of a bookshelf or closet! For this reason it is better to buy him a few toys and a sturdy scratching post tree top (with some platforms at different heights) where he can sharpen his strong nails and find some rest in a high place, which he likes a lot.