Norwegian Forest Kittens


27 Condivisioni

Since mine is an “amateur” cattery fairly small, I prefer to limit the presence of cats at a relatively low number: this is because – despite being part of a herd – Norwegian cat is still a cat and therefore needs his living space. This means being able to retire in a secluded place when he feels the need, without necessarily come in contact with other members of the group. I believe that space must be the primary need of a feline. This highly reduces “stress” and allows a relaxed coexistence of different “souls” in the same group.

I can see good results so far in the dynamics of relationships and also when new kittens are born (which is not very common here …). Mothers are perfectly calm giving birth – sometimes they also ask for their “best friend” company – and the kittens are raised smoothly, developing a very confident  character, playful and balanced.

In this page, at the moment,  you can see the kittens born in previous years, with matings that have given to me a lot of satisfaction (and for this reason some of the kittens stayed here in Cattery) and you can also see which are my plans for the future, reminding that – as far as I can make plans – is always mother nature who decides when this will happen: this means that the timing is never certain ….